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Artificial Lift Guidelines Optimize Oil & Gas Production Results (.pdf) published in The American Oil & Gas Reporter, June 2003.

About Flexbar Inc.

Flexbar, Inc. is the recognized leader in design, manufacture and sales of Effective Weight Sinkerbars and associated equipment. Each product we offer enhances the operation of a beam-pumped oil well or minimize the problems encountered with these systems.

Flexbar Sinkerbars are designed to operate within the compressive loads that occur above the pump in the sucker rod string of a beam pumped oil well, and reduce wear and failures in those systems.

Sucker rod strings designed with Flexbar Sinkerbars are capable of producing more fluid than a string designed without them. Our superior pin design, which reduces failures in the undercut by increasing the cross-section more than 33 percent, is compatible with API connections. Flexbar engineering can provide you with expert design and application assistance.

Our company is known for our superiorproducts, progressive attitude and desire to help our customers. We also offer custom product design and engineering consultation, and we can help develop your ideas from concept to prototype to production which will help you solve your operational problems.

Analysis shows Flexbar can... Flexbar “Best Practices” after 5 years…
… Increase Production
… Increase Efficiency
… Decrease Rod Loading

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… Reduced Tubing Leaks — 87%
… Reduced Rod Failures — 62%
… Reduced Pump Repairs — 65%

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June 3, 2010 - Theta Oilfield Services
-- XANIMATE 2.0 Available Windows Vista/7 compatible. Newly designed high quality Flash-based animations. Download available...

February 1st, 2010 - Theta Oilfield Services
-- XROD-V for Norris Rods iPhone Application is available. This is a supplemental iPhone Application for the XROD-V for Norris Rods web application on the Norris Rods website. Click here to read more or try it out.

Minimizing Rod Buckling Using Sinker Bars